Writing Workshops

We hold writing workshops every 1st Thursday (5:30 pm) and 3rd Thursday (6pm) at New Urban Arts (NUA), a free community arts studio for high school students on 705 Westminster St. across the street from Classical High School. Our partners at NUA also hold writing workshops every Monday (2:45-4:45 pm) and Thursday (4:45-6:45 pm) with spoken word teaching artist, Sydney "La Sirena" Peak. Workshops help new and emerging poets produce new work, strengthen ideas, edit & revise with peers, and prepare their writing for performance. Students are also encouraged to write collaboratively and to bring in poems for 1:1 support.

Guest Teaching Artists

ProvSlam invites emerging and nationally renowned poets to feature at AS220 every 1st and 3rd Thursday. These poets are also committed educators and serve as guest teaching artists during our writing workshops at NUA. They prepare unique writing prompts and engage youth poets in conversations about their creative practices. *There's usually pizza involved!

Open mic + Slam

Every 3rd Thursday is Youth Poetry Night. There's an open mic and slam. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Open mic begins at 8 pm, followed by the slam and featured poet. For youth poets interested in slamming:

  • Bring 3 original poems. They don't need to be memorized but should run no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • There are 3 rounds. Poets perform 1 poem each round.
  • Poems will be judged by 5 random audience members.
  • Judges will score poems between 0-10. We drop the lowest and highest score, making a total score out of a possible 30 points.
  • After 3 rounds, the top 2 youth poets advance to the Youth Finals in February, during which the top 5 youth poets will qualify to represent Providence at Brave New Voices.

Brave New Voices

Brave New Voices (BNV) is an international youth poetry slam festival. Since 1998, BNV has brought together young poets and artists from 70+ cities around the world. Providence has been sending a team for nearly a decade, earning Third (2004), Fourth (2006), and Second (2007) places.

We're known and continue to push for quality and innovative writing as part of the ProvSlam Youth programming. To qualify for the Providence team heading to BNV, youth poets must slam during Youth Poetry Night every 3rd Thursday from September to January. The top 2 poets advance to the Youth Finals in February, from which the top 5 poets are chosen to represent the 401. It's free to be on the Providence team.

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